VPN for Android

Browse the Web safely and privately with our VPN for Android devices

Encrypt your internet connection, securely store your personal information and protect your privacy

Recommended by our customers

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Recommended by our customers

Protect your smartphone on public Wi-Fi networks

Access blocked websites and content

Secure your smartphone or tablet from hackers and snoopers

Browse the Web safely and privatel

More than 60 virtual locations

Enjoy VPN on all your devices

The best free VPN for your Android devices

Features included in our free antivirus for Android

Protect your Android services!


Whether or not you have a bit of a mobile addiction, you probably use your Android phone or tablet for almost everything you do online: shopping, booking, online banking and much more.

Be careful as this may turn you into a target for cybercriminals...


Secure your identity and privacy by encrypting your Web browsing


Our VPN for Android hides your IP address so that no one can keep track of your online activities.

With Panda Security you can hide your personal information and most sensitive data on public Wi-Fi networks. Protect your privacy on your social networks, messages and apps.

Access blocked sites from anywhere in the world


Access your favorites websites, music and video platforms, etc. without limitations. With our VPN you'll be able to bypass Internet filters and access any website hiding your IP address.


Protect your device from viruses and malware


Panda VPN for Android systems includes antivirus and anti-malware protection to automatically scan every app you download before first use. The antivirus will scan all apps you install as well as their updates.


Need to protect all your devices?

Panda Security provides you with tailor-made security solutions for all your Windows, Android and Mac devices