Gaming/Multimedia mode

Make sure you get the best performance out of your devices when gaming or using multimedia online.

With gaming mode, your user experience is enhanced while you play video games or enjoy multimedia content on your device.

Supported platforms:

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Supported platforms:

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What is Panda Dome’s gaming/multimedia mode?

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The main aim of the gaming/multimedia feature is to optimize the performance of your system during your online activities, minimizing interruptions and ensuring that you can enjoy your games and multimedia without problems.

How does Panda Dome’s gaming/multimedia mode work?

It makes sure your device is resource-efficient when running video games or multimedia apps, so as to provide smooth, trouble-free performance. You can also improve your user experience, minimizing distractions, such as pop-ups, to better enjoy gaming and multimedia online. Gaming mode reduces delays and other technical problems! It helps prevent common technical issues such as stuttering video and audio, buffering, or unexpected crashes that can sometimes occur while running games and multimedia apps.

Resource reallocation

When you activate gaming/multimedia mode, Panda Dome intelligently reallocates system resources. This means that it prioritizes processor, memory, and graphics card resources for gaming and multimedia applications instead of distributing them equally among all running applications.

Reduced pop-ups

Gaming mode also reduces or silences unnecessary pop-up messages and alerts that interrupt your gaming or multimedia viewing. This includes notifications from programs running in the background, software updates, and other events that are not relevant to what you are doing.

Optimized performance

Panda Dome makes sure that games and multimedia apps run smoothly by minimizing the processing load of events in the background. This can help avoid buffering, stuttering video and audio, or slow frame rates while you play games or watch videos.

Gaming mode is included in all Panda Dome plans:

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