Anti-malware, otherwise known as antivirus, protects and scans your device to detect and disinfect malware.

All our Panda Dome products include the best anti-malware protection to keep your devices safe.

Supported platforms:

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Supported platforms:

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How does Panda Dome’s anti-malware work?

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Panda Dome's anti-malware feature for Windows, Mac and Android is a key part of the Panda Security protection suite. It is designed to protect your devices against viruses, malware, spyware, and other types of cyberthreats.

Real-time detection

Panda Dome employs real-time detection technologies to constantly monitor the files and processes on your devices. It scans each file opened or run to detect any possible threats.

Collective Intelligence

A security platform created by Panda Security to provide the highest level of real-time protection, exponentially increasing the capacity to detect malware.

Whenever new malware is detected on devices in our community, this data is sent, automatically and anonymously, to our Collective Intelligence cloud servers. This information is processed by the servers, and a solution is delivered in real time.

Signature database

The anti-malware feature is based on an extensive database of known malware signatures. Whenever Panda Dome detects a file that matches a signature held in the database, it is automatically blocked and quarantined.

In other words, local signatures, also known as virus signatures, are unique templates that identify specific malicious code. This method is used to identify and remove known malware from IT systems.

When security software uses local signatures to detect malware, it crosschecks the code of the file against the database of known threats. If there is a match, the software can then implement measures, such as quarantining or deleting the infected file. This technique is particularly effective for detecting and removing malware that has previously been identified and classified.

Detecting malware using local signatures is an essential tool for cybersecurity.

Advanced heuristics

The proliferation of malware attacks through increasingly elaborate techniques means users have to take adequate measures to protect their data and devices.

Consequently, in addition to known signatures, Panda Dome uses advanced heuristic detection techniques. Heuristic scanning is a virus detection method which examines code for suspicious characteristics.

This means suspicious behavior of files or programs can be identified, even if they are not stored in the signature database. This helps in the detection of unknown malware or new threats.

Anti-exploit technology

Anti-exploit technology is a vital part of modern cybersecurity. This technology is aimed at preventing exploit attacks, that is, techniques used by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities in software and operating systems, so as to infect a device or network with malware.

Key features of anti-exploit technology include:

  • Detection of unusual behavior
  • Real-time protection
  • Preventing known vulnerabilities
  • Automatic threat blocking
  • Real-time updates

Regular automatic updates ensure that your anti-malware is fully equipped to detect and remove the latest threats. Real-time protection means that the anti-malware is constantly running to protect your devices as you use them, with no adverse effect on system performance. In short, anti-exploit technology helps to shut out cybercriminals trying to exploit software vulnerabilities, providing an additional layer of protection against malware and cyber threats.


Quarantine/removal and customizable settings

If the anti-malware detects a malicious file or program, it quarantines it to prevent potential damage to any devices. You then have the option to delete the file or, should it be a false positive, to restore it.

Additionally, Panda Dome generally provides customizable settings so users can set the level of protection in accordance with their circumstances and preferences.

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