File encryption

Protect files with sensitive information, encrypting them with military-grade security algorithms.

File encryption is a very useful tool for laptops. In the event of loss or theft, you can prevent critical information from being read by third parties.

Supported platforms:

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Supported platforms:

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How does file encryption work?

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Along with the file shredder, encrypting your data helps protect the privacy of your data and your most sensitive information. The main features are:

Encryption key

To encrypt a file, there must be an encryption key. This is an essential part of the process. This could be a password or an automatically generated key. The security of the encryption depends largely on the strength of this key.

Encryption process

Using the selected algorithm and encryption key, the original file is converted to an encrypted version. This way, the data is transformed into a sequence of unreadable characters, which can be decrypted only with the corresponding key.

Secure storage and transmission

After the file is encrypted, it can be stored on your hard drive or transmitted securely over the Internet. Even should someone access the encrypted file, they will not be able to read its contents without the encryption key.

File decryption

Whenever you need to access the file, you will have to use the encryption key to decrypt it. The encryption software uses this key to reverse the encryption process and restore the original file.

Would you like to be able to delete files from your computer permanently?

Then you need protection such as Panda Dome Complete, which includes file shredding functionality.

Panda Dome Complete
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When you delete files, they go to the trash and even if you delete them from there, they still leave a trace and can be recovered. Protect your privacy and maximize and optimize the performance of your devices.

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