Monitor and safeguard the data traffic that enters and leaves your system to keep your devices safe.

The firewall included in Panda Dome establishes a barrier that monitors and filters the flow of information to keep your system secure.

Supported platforms:

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Supported platforms:

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What is a firewall?

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Its function is to prevent unauthorized people from entering private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets. Any data that enters or leaves your local network is channeled through the firewall, which analyzes it and blocks anything that does not meet established security requirements. For more information about firewalls, see this article.

How does the Panda Dome firewall work?

The firewall included in Panda Dome plans protects devices against unauthorized access, allowing legitimate communications to pass through. It is automatically configured as soon as it is enabled to provide optimum protection to users without advanced IT knowledge. Here we explain how it works:

Security barrier

The firewall acts as a barrier between your device and the Internet. Its key function is to control inbound and outbound data traffic, allowing or blocking connections based on predefined security rules.

Filter rules

The firewall uses predetermined and customizable rules to determine what type of traffic is allowed or blocked. By default, it blocks all unsolicited inbound traffic to prevent cyberattacks such as intrusion attempts. These rules can be established through the firewall’s advanced settings.

Intrusion detection

The firewall can detect intrusion attempts, such as port scanning and brute force attacks. When suspicious activity is detected, the firewall is able to block the attacker's IP address to protect your system.

Application control

In addition to port filtering rules, the firewall can determine which applications are permitted access to the Internet. You can set specific rules to allow or block individual applications, giving you more control over your system.

Public and private networks

The firewall can also adapt to different network profiles, such as public and private networks. It can, for example, be configured to be more restrictive on a public network and allow broader access on a private network.

Alerts and logs

Our firewall generates alerts and event logs to keep you informed of any suspicious activity or blocked connection attempts. This enables you to take action if unusual behavior is detected.

Two-way protection

This feature works for both inbound and outbound traffic, meaning it not only protects your system from external threats, but also monitors and controls communications leaving your device.

Do you want to protect your sensitive data?

Then you need protection such as Panda Dome Advanced.

Panda Dome Advanced
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Shield all the personal, sensitive and confidential files on your computer in a virtual safe that no one will be able to access. Antivirus, anti-malware, parental control to protect your money, your family and your identity.

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Our firewall is included in all Panda Dome plans: Panda Dome Essential Panda Dome Complete, Panda Dome Premium.