repair your heels and shoe soles at the handbag clinic

Heel and Sole Repair

The Handbag Clinic have a solution for every predicament that your shoes face.

From worn heel tips to ripped heel shanks, scuffed toes to worn soles and many more services are undertaken within our Clinic to ensure your dancing shoes are always looking their best.

Appreciating the iconicity of your shoes, our artisans will always repair where possible and only replace when necessary, ensuring the integrity of your shoes is protected.

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Problems we can solve

repair your heel tips at the handbag clinic
repair your heels at the handbag clinic
replace your shoe soles at the handbag clinic


Heel tips can often be the most delicate part of a shoe as they are small in nature and wear down easily. If not corrected, the heel shank will become damaged and will impact how you can walk and dance in them.

Prices Start From £40


Have you slipped down a drain, fallen on cobbles or got a little too excited on the dance floor? Damaged heel shanks are a common issue within our Clinic but an easy fix that will transform the aesthetic of your heels.

Prices Start From £60


Where a restoration isn't possible, our artisans will replace the sole with one that matches the original. This will elevate the lifespan of your footwear and assist with ensuring your shoes are as comfortable as possible for you.

Prices Start From £90

 fix the toes of your shoes at the handbag clinic
 repair your shoe soles at the handbag clinic
add a protective sole to your shoes at the handbag clinic


Trainers come into contact with hard surfaces and dirt when getting you from A to B. Our clinic provide specialist leather services to repair scuffs and replace toe tips to get your shoes looking their best again.

Prices Start From £60


Our industry leading clinic preserves the original sole when restoring, rather than replacing. This service isn't limited to your red soles and is ideal for your everyday nude and black soled staple footwear.

Prices Start From £45


Due to their transparent nature, applying a rubber sole won't compromise the iconicity of the red sole, instead it will be seamlessly attached to the shoe to promote the retention of the red across the entire sole.

Prices Start From £55

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restore your Louboutin red soles at the handbag clinic

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